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For years I have given dance and movement expression workshops based on my own vision of music and movement. Music has been my own medicine from early childhood and I feel most at home in it.

My background as a psychotherapist, trauma expert and coach has deepened this further. In addition to training as a teacher of dance and movement expression, I am inspired by the 5 rhythms, tribal dance, tango, kundalini yoga, feldenkrais and trance dance.


The Dance-Intensives are aimed at rediscovering your inner freedom of movement, enjoying and getting to know your body more deeply and making contact with its infinite wisdom. I often work on the basis of a theme in which everyone can make their own journey through the music, with the final destination, the silence within yourself. Music as medicine.


I make Intensives on request and tailor-made to dive into a theme through movement.

Dancing is the ultimate form of Freedom:

move you as your Heart tells you, show your feelings without inhibitions, show you as you are.

Who wouldn't want to live that way, who wouldn't want to dance through life to the rhythm of the Soul.'


(Oriah Mountain Dreamer)

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